Bennett Ewing is a found wood sculptor based in Sonoma County, California. Directly from the artist some news on his artworks

“After working in several artistic mediums over the course of my life, I began working with found wood in 2001. Since then I have been creating sculptures by assembling naturally weathered wood, virtually unaltered in that they are neither carved nor colored. I have collected wood along my travels from nearly 40 U.S. states, Canada, Mexico and Ireland, often incorporating materials from many regions into a single sculpture. Allowing the wood to guide me, my sculptures organically take on lives of their own. They evolve tediously by trial and error, without any internal framework or premeditated vision. Structural integrity and preservation is achieved through a combination of adhesives and chemical treatments. Since my childhood in New England I have been beckoned and inspired by nature. As an adult I consider my ongoing series of found wood faces and forms to be a re-creation of my childhood perception of nature spirits. In a similar sense, I now see the faces that emerge from my work as nature, itself, personified. I find it important to consider the unknown histories of each individual piece of wood, and feel that they contribute to the power of the finished works. The sculptures in my series are extremely labor intensive, employing wood gathered three times a week, year-round, from a materials collection going back over a decade. Collection time aside, composing a single aggregate sculpture currently takes around three months on average. Despite much passion and dedication, no more than 30 works have been completed over the course of my career to date.”

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